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If you’re looking for the perfect personally-crafted experience, our team of experts is the place to turn. All of our staff – both Japanese and foreign – have lived in and traveled extensively across Japan. We’ve ridden the same buses and trains, scouted the restaurants we recommend and determined the best seasons to visit certain sights. We’re passionate about this island and about helping our guests to fall in love with it as we have.

While most travelers to Japan are content to travel some of the more popular routes, our bespoke experiences can take you to corners of the archipelago still relatively untouched by foreign tourism. On a winter trip, you may find yourself bathing in hidden hot springs on the island of Kyushu or scaring off evil spirits with the namahage (demons) of Akita’s Oga Peninsula. Travel with us in spring and we’ll usher you to the best cherry blossoms spots, including many not known to foreign tourists. Cool off in the summer heat on the secluded beaches of Okinawa, where you can snorkel over pristine coral reefs or scuba dive some of the more challenging formations off the island’s western cliffs. Or escape the sweltering southern cities with a trip up north to the vibrant summer festivals of Tohoku. Autumn is arguably Japan’s best season, and we know some of the top places to see the fiery foliage. Why not witness the scarlet maples at Saga’s Kunenan, a garden villa only open for 9 days a year, or catch the stunning display of spider lilies in the Saitama countryside?

We can work with your time constraints and budget to help you craft the perfect Japanese adventure. Let us navigate issues of language barriers and transportation details for you, taking the stress of planning off your shoulders. We’ll alter and confirm reservations, help with meal bookings and set up any personal visits or private guides.

We strongly believe in the tenets of responsible tourism and strive to follow those principles when planning adventures for our clients. First and foremost, we place a strong emphasis on cultural exchange and interaction – we believe that people learn best when given the chance to personally interact with those from another culture on a meaningful level. Our itineraries are packed with opportunities to witness cultural events or practices, meet and mingle with local residents and engage in open-minded discussions. We’ll make every effort to connect you with locally-run businesses, organizations and restaurants, so you can rest assured that your yen is going to the people and communities who need it the most.

When booking a tailor-made experience with Off-Roads, you can be confident that your itinerary won’t simply be a “standard tour”. Our in-depth local knowledge and community connections mean you’re in for a host of unforgettable memories no matter the season you visit.


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